Birthday Verses for Wife Cards

Birthday Verses for Wife & Birthday Poems for Wife for your handmade greeting cards.

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For my Wife

This brings a loving greeting
that's especially for you,
With thoughts of all
you mean to me and
the joy you give me too,
This brings a loving greeting
with a wish for you today,
That all life's greatest pleasures
will always come your way.

With Love on your Birthday and always.


For my Wife, Happy Birthday to you.

Thoughts of you bring memories
of happy times we've shared..

Thank you for putting happiness into my heart
And for being the love of my life.

Nothing means as much
as having someone you can count on,
Someone who will listen to you,
Someone you can hold…

Nothing could mean more
than a love that keeps on growing..
nothing could mean more to me
than the love I've found with you.

Loving wishes that your birthday brings
all the good things you certainly deserver
and the year is forever filled with
love and happiness.

For my Wife with all my Love